Everything Lefty's

Lefty's Bridal & Boutique, Inc. represents a blessed, family-based business. Having thrived over 25 years in the bridal industry, the expertise of a focused, goal-oriented staff has earned their trademark of stellar reputation. A strong family support system is key to this store's success. Lefty's Bridal is a brand that is true to its Clients. A statue like no other loyal and consistence.

Featured in many magazines, television shows and special events, Lefty's has earned respect and honor from Washington’s Metropolitan Area along with International Countries as being the trend setters in the fashion industry. The expanse of events is as diverse as their clientele from Celebrities to The Royal Families. Each client is given the utmost attention for their special occasion. From the moment you enter the domain of this boutique, you immediately feel a sense of comfort and trust. Lefty's has earned that reputation because their goal is to create customer relationships and a genuine desire to help people feel spectacular about life and themselves. We create the perfect fit, from a holistic perspective. Lefty's offers best value in the industry with amazing quality at incredible prices.

Our collection are customized to meet your profile, goals and expectations. The integrity of the business is an integral aspect of it's mission. Accordingly, the business has always availed itself in community and International events as an adjunct to the wedding component. Lefty's Bridal Boutique is supported by the public; correspondingly, the owners feel that it is incumbent upon them to reciprocate. Community service and mentoring are a requisite component of the business. In critically examining the needs of the community, they jointly decided to "pay it forward" by contributing diligent focus on investing in goal-oriented youth development via their mentoring program “Diamonds N The Ruff” Boxing Team. The thrill and excitement of creating the creme-de-la-cre’me of wedding extravaganzas, is a direct result of the love and faith shared by Tai-Rhan and Lefty.

The artistry, ambiance, and attraction they garner through their shared passion and work ethic are a direct result of their personal and spiritual covenant with one another, with God at the helm of their business. Loyalty and devotion characterize their mission to create the physical expression of a tour de force wedding dynamic that is translated by their spiritual commitment to god, their family, their community and their clientele.